Thursday, June 25, 2015

As the trip comes to an end...

     It is so sad how fast this trip is coming to a close. I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights again and I think it's kinda because I don't want this trip to end yet. This trip has been so amazing and such a blessing to be here with the Baldwin family and the people in the countryside.

     On Tuesday Wiwin and I took a ride in a tuk tuk to go shopping. I'm not the biggest fan of shopping, but it was so much fun with it just being she and I. We were able to get a bunch of stuff for family and enough coffee to last me a little while once I'm home. Haha jk the coffee has plans to go to people. Then we went to lunch at an expensive place, which was a treat. Had chicken pot pie and fries. It was really good too!! The place targets westerners, So it was my kind of place. Haha and thankfully I didn't get sick from eating there!! :P

      We found out last Sunday that one of the translators were not going to be able to come this Sunday with us due to something going on with his church. So we didn't know how things were going to work with just 1 translator. I was pretty bummed because I wanted to be able to hit my villages one more time before I leave. So I prayed about it, and God heard! We will be getting a 2nd translator from ITCS!! Such a blessing and an encouragement that we will be able to hit all the villages while I'm here one more time. I can't wait to see the kiddos again!! God works in wonderful ways!!!

      I had my last playgroup with the kids here in the city. Wiwin tricked me into thinking she was making a cake because Zachary wanted it, when in reality she was making it to celebrate my leaving. Just kidding....kinda. Yes, she made it because I'm leaving but it was more so a "mourning" cake. But whatever kind of cake it was, it was DELICIOUS!!! Cakes made in rice cookers are actually pretty yummy; just FYI.

      I leave Monday early afternoon. Around 12:40 our time, so about 1:40am all yalls time. So pray for me as y'all go to bed. I won't complain to you if you get up in the middle of the night to pray though. ;) haha anyway, I know this post is short, but not a whole lot has happened since Sunday. But packing up soon and getting ready to head home. It's been awesome and brings tears to my eyes not knowing when I will be able to get back here. It's been a blessing and I am so thankful that I could be a little help here at the house and in the countryside while I've been here. No greater joy then doing what the Lord wants you to do and no safer place to be than in the center of His will. God is gracious!

In His Service,

1) so far, the car has still been running okay and things seem to be okay.
2) we were able to get another translator to help this weekend
3) the ministry doing well

1) the last weekend of going out to the countryside to go well
2) the kids will do well with having me (who speaks next to no Khmer) and a new translator
3) packing everything up starting on Saturday.
4) the ministry to grow even more and bring more kids in!

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